Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

Hairy news!

Unser schönstes Accessoire und (mal wieder) voll im Trend und auf allen Fashion Shows zu sehen :
Lange Haare - egal ob wellig, glatt, lockig oder undone!
Doch wie es auch immer aus allen Richtungen tönt, sind lange Haare nur in gepflegter Form schön.
Ich habe mal in meinen Haarbeauty Schränkchen geschaut und werde euch meine Lieblingsprodukte vorstellen.

The most beautiful accessoire to wear and not missing on any fashion show:
Long hair - doesn't matter if waved, sleek, curly or undone!
But (as everybody know) long hair is just in trend under one condition: well-kept!
I looked in my beauty case and i'd love to show you my favorite products.

         Hair legends

1. Split ends can be fixed with new products

NO they can't. If your hair is damaged with split ends you can't fix it! The only thing you can do is buy products that sticks your ends together to avoid that it gets worse. But if your hair is once splitted it need to be cut.

2. My hair need to be washed every day

NO it doesn't. I asked some professionals and in one thing they agreed: It's better to give your hair a break for example by washing it every second day. Especially dry scalp and hair will thank you.

3. It is possible to care for your hair too much

NO you can't. Most people care too little and you can't do too  much. If your hair doesn't need more, it doesn't take more. It's simple. I asked some professionals about that too and they advise to use a deep conditioner every time you wash your hair (not every day!). 

My favorite products

I'd love to show you the products i use every day. They are very cheap and easy to get.

Frizz-Ease Deep Conditioner - about 10 €

I use it every second/third day and one time a week i leave it in my hair for the hole night. It smells very good and my hair are full of power and shine after usage.

Got 2 Be Hairspray - about 6 €

If you want to FIX your hairstyle - use it! You won't need to worry a second about your hair the whole day!

Gliss Kur Fluid for ends - about 6 €

If my ends feel dry and rough or i haven't been at the hairdresser for a long time. As you can see above it avoids split ends to get worse.

Elvital Oil - about 10 €

I use it almost every day, especially when i wear a ponytail or a chignon. It smells delicious and your hair have an amazing shine after use. On top of that it prevents of hair damage caused by your hair tie. 

Frizz-Ease Shampoo - about 10 €

The best i've ever had! My hair feel smooth and healthy after usage. 

Some tips:

1. Hair oil is a good SOS-Help for dry-looking hair

2. Avocado and olive oil are a good alternative to deep conditioner
    you can buy in the store.

3. When you style your hair to a chignon, don't use a hair tie. 
    Better : Barettes 

4. Change your hair products every 3 months


  1. este post me encanta!


  2. Can't take my eyes off,honey!Great job!;)

  3. Love your blog! Great tips and reasonable!

    XX Erin

  4. As for me, I'm very careful to condition it every single day, because if not, my strands will get very brittle and dry. I'm trying to not wash my hair every day, but it's so hard, haha. Thank you for the excellent tips!

    With love from San Francisco, California, USA,

  5. When I read the tittle I cannot help but to imagine one VERYYYY hairy person.....
    OOPS! great post and sharing here.....


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