Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013

Moodboard ° Leopard


for my first post since I am back I decided to make this little moodboard about my latest favorite and inspiration. One thing that definitely did not change over the last year is that I LOVE leo prints (animal prints (generally all animal prints).

I spent the last few day lying on the couch with a big flu, so I had plenty of time to read fashion magazines (didn't matter how old or new :D) and shop online (of course without buying anything, very proud :)). I can not buy anything but I am pretty sure you can!

 So this is the result - how do you like it?
I really hope my boyfriend can catch some time to make some photos of my todays' outfit - I really want to show it to you!


  1. Love this selection so much!

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  2. All of them, pls!

    the ALLAROUNDEVE team

  3. I hope you are feeling better, sweetie! :)
    Recenntly I was down with a bacterial infection in my airways so I was stuck in my bed for 2 weeks, just like you I read a lot of fashion magazines and started watching Project Runway! :)
    I really like leopard print, but only in small doses as I am always worried that I might end up looking a bit tacky!
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  4. like your blog! shall we follow by facebook and bloglovin?


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